Finding a Compatible Spouse

Meeting prospective dates is often difficult, and having a hobby can help in the search. It is important for any relationship to have a balance, and each person in it should have their own interests. If two people are connected solely by sharing one hobby, they will have little or nothing else to hold them together. Meeting while practicing a particular hobby is a good way to get together, but each person should develop at least one separate interest.

When two people are bonded in a permanent relationship, few of them actually share all their likes, desires and interests. By being slightly different from each other they are able to share more, and it is not quite the same if they share each experience. While they might be able to look at their experiences in a slightly different frame, there are too many references that will not give them a wide enough view of the world. Looking at things differently can help each of them find a new outlook in many areas of life.

Two people who are intent upon sharing and building a life together must have a measure of compatibility, but that does not mean they need to share everything. If one of them loves painting, it is good if their spouse is willing to drive to the country so they can practice their art. It would be a painful waste of an afternoon if their spouse had to stand and watch them paint, so it is a good thing if their partner loves to read or prefers bird watching.

Compatibility between two people consists of many factors, but it does not mean they must like all the same things. It is how they interact with different interests that will create compatibility, so their combined interests should be ones they can share without actually being together. If both of them have their own friends and hobbies, they will be able to share in a more meaningful way.